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Underlayment is a part of flooring installation that usually gets overlooked. It may not be as pretty as the surface or “finish” layer of your flooring, but does play an important role. Montana Flooring Liquidators offers many varieties of underlayment to fit many floor coverings. We deliver to the Billings areas and offer other affordable products and services. You can extend the life of your floors and make your home more comfortable with this simple addition. Learning about the different types of underlayment and how they work can help you save money in the future. It can also prevent you from making expensive mistakes. Our experts will offer you the advice you need in order to make a sound decision on which underlayment will be right for your floor type. All products that you view are quality tested for long-term use. And with all of our products costing less than other local competitors, you can find exactly what you need at the right price.

What is underlayment?

You’ve heard that you need underlayment. But what is it? Underlayment is the stiff, moisture resistant layer that comes between the subfloor and surface or “finish” layer of your flooring. It provides additional structure to your flooring. This prevents the “bowing” effect that some floors can have when they are not supported. It also prevents hollow knocking noise and improves insulation in the home. Having an underlayment material under your flooring can also prevent moisture from pushing seams up and outward, leaving your floor uneven. The right underlayment will level out your subfloors for a flawless floor surface and offer other benefits, depending on the type.

Types of underlayment

Now that you understand what underlayment is for, the next step is figuring out what type you need. There are a few different types of underlayment, each with its own benefits and uses. They are:
  • Plywood: This type is made from cross-laminated wood veneers that are pressed together under high heat to create sheets of plywood. It is considered an “engineered wood product.” Hardwood floors can be nailed or glued directly to the plywood underlayment. This material is considered the standard for most dry flooring applications.
Underlayment from Montana Flooring Liquidators in Billings, MT
  • Cement Board: This type of underlayment is usually suggested for tile flooring. It provides extra protection from moisture that might cause tiles to come loose. Cement board consists of a mixture of sand and cement, with a layer of fiberglass mesh to keep it strong and liquid-proof.
  • OSB (Oriented Strand Board): OSB (also known as Sterling board or Aspenite) is a type of engineered wood that isn’t typically used. It is identified by the visible chips and strands of wood that make up its surface. These strands are laid across one another unevenly and then pressed under high pressure and heat.
  • Underlayment Panels: This type is considered convenient because it comes in interlocking panels and 2’ X 2’ tiles that are easy to install.
  • Foam and Cork: This soft “underlayment” is considered the best choice for floating floors. It is loosely considered underlayment because it is not attached to the subfloor or the surface layer. It is available in rolls that are easy to lay out and can offer soundproofing qualities.

If you need underlayment for your flooring, find quality products and expert help at Montana Flooring Liquidators today! We deliver floor products to Billings faster and at affordable prices.